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Seaview Studio is in the world’s first Music Town – Folkestone!

Attracted by the sheer depth of creative arts in Folkestone, music producer Technical Finger and singer/songwriter Sophia Stutchbury, relocated their operation to join a wealth of talent in the delightful seaside town and have been instrumental in helping Folkestone earn the accolade of being the world’s first Music Town. Aside from working on their own music, Technical Finger and Sophia Stutchbury are renowned for artist development, supporting aspiring artists and songwriters in developing their skills and honing their craft. Along with a team of session players and musical instrument tutors, Seaview Studio has the network and expertise to help launch careers in the music industry.

Welcome to Seaview Studio

Sophia Stutchbury Singer Songwriter Folkestone Seaview Music Studio

Recording Studios

Seaview Studio offers separate control room and live room, with built-in vocal booth, for optimum recording quality.

Our Projects

We are very proud to work with numerous artists in a variety of music genres, supporting their track development and promotion campaigns.

Dashwung Slugger
Hot Smoothie
Sophia Stutchbury

Bandits BNT

Our Clients

  • Sophia Stutchbury
  • Aidan Regnaud
  • Nina Clark
  • Dr Rock
  • Mashville
  • REV
  • Patience
  • Dam D
  • Hellfire Corner
  • Sophia Syndicate
  • Annie Amore
  • The Acoustic Illusion
  • Alex McNeice
  • Shane Cannon
  • Majors
  • Sophia Stutchbury
  • Aidan Regnaud
  • Nina Clark
  • Dr Rock
  • Mashville
  • REV
  • Patience
  • Dam D
  • Hellfire Corner
  • Sophia Syndicate
  • Majors
  • Shane Cannon
  • Alex McNeice
  • HATi

Latest News

Find out about everything happening here at Seaview Studio. Keep an eye outhere for all of our upcoming events

Hot Smoothie – Red World

Hot Smoothie release their debut single, Red World. Available on all major platforms. More coming soon!!

Beats By Girlz UK

Singer-songwriter,Flo Glen, leads music production courses, supported by Technical Finger from Seaview Studio.

Sophia Stutchbury – Breathe

Seaview Studio’s own Sophia Stutchbury releases her latest single. Video by Oxylicious Productions

Our Music Production Team

At Seaview Studio we believe that the calibre of your engineers & producers is just as important as the quality of the studio you work in


Music Producer



Singer / Songwriter

Sophia Stutchbury Singer Songwriter Vocal Coach Seaview Music Studio Folkestone


Guitarist / Songwriter

Colin Weir - Sophia Syndicate Guitarist Seaview Music Studio Folkestone


Drummer / Songwriter

Harry Drum Teacher Folkestone - Seaview Music Studio



Dougie Woodison Saxophone Tutor Folkestone Music Town Seaview Recording Studio




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