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If you’re looking for drum lessons in Folkestone, you should meet Harry!

Harry’s obsession with drumming started from an extremely young age. He constantly bugged his parents for a drum kit every christmas and birthday. Year after year no kit materialised so he got creative and started making drum kits from toy boxes and pencils. Finally at the age of 11 he was introduced to a kit and finally felt complete. He taught himself for a few years and made noise with his mates as they all started to discover music and instruments.

After a few years he sought after lessons to expand his skills and knowledge. On his first lesson his tutor asked him what he wanted to learn? His answer was simply “EVERYTHING”. The lessons continued for years and Harry made bands at school covering their favourite songs.

After studying Music Technology at college and Music Management at Uni, Harry started teaching drums at a music school where he honed his teaching skills. Harry has played with bands and musician’s since the age of 11. Over the last 19 years he has been in bands continuously. Whilst he has been in many covers bands over the years he prefers the creativity of being in an original band.

1-2-1 Drum Lesson Schedule – Novice

Week 1:

Introduction to reading music –

The highlight of his career to date is playing a festival to 5000 people and supporting Adam Ant. Over the years he has gained experience and knowledge in both live and studio scenarios. To say that this guy knows drums is an understatement. He’s here and he’s eager to teach!

  1. Learning how to read a music staff and where the kick, snare and hihat notes sit on the staff.
  2. Learning what ¼ notes are and how to identify and count them.
  3. Learning and Identifying where the rack tom and floor tom sit on the staff.

Technique –

  1. Understanding the Sticks and how to hold them.
  2. Understanding the correct playing position.
  3. Understanding how to strike a drum and cymbal.

Basic Drum Beats

  1. Building a ¼ note drum beat, piece by piece.
  2. Adding extra kick notes to the pattern to create a new beat.
  3. Basic co-ordination exercises to build up control over hands and feet.
  4. Basic ¼ note fills using the snare, rack tom and floor tom.

The Drum Kit –

  1. Identifying the individual components of a kit and their purpose.
  2. Basic theory of tuning and setting up.
  3. Examples of different set ups.


  1. Practice lesson.
  2. Research drummers.
  3. Compile a list of influences and musical taste.

Week 2:

Recap –

  1. Play through selections of last lesson.
  2. Answer questions on theory and technique.
  3. Talk about their influences and research.

Reading music –

  1. Introduction to 8th notes.
  2. How 8th notes relate to ¼ notes.
  3. How to count 8th notes.

Basic drum beats –

  1. Building an 8th note hihat pattern, piece by piece.
  2. Adding extra kick notes to create new beats.
  3. Moving snares and kicks around to build co-ordination and control.
  4. Basic 8th note fills using snare, rack tom and floor tom.

Technique –

  1. Maintaining proper hand technique.
  2. Maintaining proper striking technique.


  1. Practice Lesson.
  2. Listen to and familiarise with Billie Jean by MJ.

Week 3:

Recap –

  1. Play through selections from last two weeks.
  2. Answer questions on music theory and reading.

Reading Music –

  1. Looking at the sheet music for Billie Jean by MJ.
  2. Talking about how to follow the music.
  3. Follow the sheet music whilst listening to the track.

Learning “Billie Jean” –

  1. Listen through Billie Jean.
  2. Watch me play through the track.
  3. Practice the beat up to tempo.
  4. Play through with the track.


  1. Practice “Billie Jean”
  2. Practice other beats from weeks 1 and 2.

Week 4:

Recap –

  1. Play through Billie Jean.
  2. Play through selections of ¼ note and 8th note beats.

Rudiments –

  1. Importance of rudiments.
  2. How rudiments apply to playing.
  3. Learning single strokes.
  4. Learning double strokes.
  5. Learning a paradiddle.

Basic Beats –

  1. Combining ¼ note hihats with 8th note kick drums.


  1. Practice Singles, Doubles and Paradiddles.
  2. Practice Combining ¼ note and 8th beats.
  3. Listen to Highway to Hell by AC/DC

Week 5:

Recap (10 minutes) –

  1. Play through rudiments.

Song learning –

  1. Listen through to Highway to Hell by AC/DC
  2. Read through sheet music.
  3. Follow sheet music whilst listening to track.
  4. Learn verse beat and play through verse.
  5. Learn chorus beat and play through chorus.
  6. Try and play through from the start through to the end of the chorus.


  1. Practice Highway to Hell by AC/DC.

Week 6:

Recap –

Play through Highway to Hell by AC/DC.

Play through Billie Jean by MJ.

Play through selections from the last 5 weeks.

Answer questions about technique, music theory and the drums.

Talk about where they would like to go from here, more lessons?

1-2-1 Drum Lesson Schedule – Intermediate & Advanced

If you already have some skills and experience in playing drums, we can tailor and intermediate and/or advanced course to help refine your skills according to your own development needs. Get in touch and we can arrange a consultation and create a course of lessons to suit your specific needs

To book your course of drum lessons in Folkestone at Seaview Studio music school, email harry@seaviewstudio.co.uk