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Sophia Stutchbury Singer Songwriter Topliner Recording Studio Folkestone

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Seaview Studio Studio is a full service recording studio, owned and operated by Tim Smith & Sophia Stutchbury. Located in the world’s first Music Town – Folkestone, there isn’t a better place to develop your music.

The recording studio is fully equipped for multi-track recording, complete with vocal isolation booth, a suite of microphones and the latest Virtual Studio Technology. The combination of analogue and digital technology offers tantalising prospects for music production.

Our team have the capability to support artists and track development at whichever stage of the creative process you may be at. Our established, highly skilled music producers, writers and session players know what it takes to bring music to life and are able to deliver.

Our Mission

To provide a comfortable, creative environment in which music can blossom and flourish

Our Vision

To facilitate the creation of beautiful music, supporting artists across all genres and developing the music scene as a whole in our beloved Folkestone Music Town.

Core Values

  • The song is the priority
  • Music to move and inspire
  • Integrity in the music business
  • Collaboration enriches creativity

Our History

Folkestone music being on the rise, it made perfect sense for Tim & Sophia to relocate their studio operation.

November 2017

Fitting out the new studio begins . . .

Seaview Studio - Folkestone Music Town - Rehearsal Room
“Having the shell of a building to fit-out and design as we pleased was a real advantage for us to make our space tailor-made.” Technical Finger
February 2018

Back in business . . .

With construction work complete, Sophia Syndicate waste no time in recording their latest single and shooting a music video in the shiny new Seaview Studio.

December 2017

Out of the old, into the new. . .

Seaview Music Studio Folkestone Music Town - Out of the old
Tim & Sophia up sticks and relocate to the newly built music recording and production facility, Seaview Studio in Folkestone.
March 2018

The story continues . . .

Recording Studio Folkestone - Technical Finger Music Producer
Since opening the doors, Seaview Studio continues to support artists with music recording, production, video, social media, online promotion and live events.

Want to Record Your Own Hit?

We are a full service studio featuring the latest technology for our all your projects.

Tim – 07877 594555, Sophia – 07977 233385

Our Team

At Seaview Studio, our aim is to deliver the best quality, cutting edge audio